University Description

Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University’s 100 acre campus is located in Gandhinagar, which is the capital city of Gujarat and located 23 Km North from a well developed city called Ahmedabad with a population of 8 million people. The city is famous for its remarkable cultural development and social life.

PDPU offers multiple courses ranging from engineering, arts and management along with maximum exposure and opportunities to its students through various national and International exchange programs with Best Universities worldwide. For development of its faculties and staff the University endeavors for various Joint Exchange and Research programs.


Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University (PDPU) has been established by GERMI as a Private University through the State Act enacted on 4th April, 2007. The University offers programs to address the need for trained human resources in the domains of Science, Technology, Management and Humanities. It intends to broaden the opportunities for students and professionals to develop core subject knowledge which are duly complemented by leadership training interventions, thereby helping the students to make a mark in the global arena. This objective is being further addressed through a number of specialized and well-planned undergraduate, post-graduate and doctoral programs as well as intensive research projects.

School of Petroleum Management offers M.B.A. in (a). Energy & Infrastructure and (b). General Management , Ph.D., Post Graduate Diploma in Petroleum Management for Executives (PGDPM-X) and Management Development Programmes.

School of Petroleum Technology offers B.Tech., M.Tech. and Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering. It is academically engaged in creating a high quality talent pool for the hydrocarbon sector across the entire value chain.

School of Technology offers B.Tech. in the fields of Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Industrial, & Chemical Engineering, besides the Ph.D. Program. It also offers in Nuclear & Solar Engineering.

School of Liberal Studies offers four year Bachelor programme in the field of Liberal Studies, M.A. in Public Administration/International Relations /Political Science as well as the Ph.D. programs.


  • Emphasis on problem solving and practice with sound fundamentals, through active and continued partnership with energy & infrastrucuture sector companies and National and International Universities, Consultants and Vendors.
  • Top down approach from ‘Systems to Components’ to better appreciate holistic education.
  • Rural, Industry and Research internships to provide abetter understanding and challenges faced in rural and urban Indianlandscape, industry culture and career options for students.
  • Emphasis on holistic engineering as key to long-termeconomic and environmental sustainability of communities.


"To Be an Internationally Renowned & Respected Institution 
Imparting Excellent Education & Training Based Upon The Foundation of Futuristic Research & Innovations"



Undertake unique obligation for Education in Energy Engineering and Management with special responsibilities in domain specific aspects of Energy & Infrastructure.

Seek to nurture students of extraordinary motivation and ability and prepare them for life-long learning and leadership in an increasingly knowledge driven world.

Envisage to establish institutes of excellence in education, competitive edge in research and real time relevance with futuristic thrusts in offering of programmes and undertaking of activities and projects.



Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University has been promoted by Government , Industry & Energy and Petrochemical Department to create a world class University in energy education and research with special focus on the oil and gas sector. The University addresses the need for trained and specialized human resource in the domains of engineering, management and humanities.

It intends to expand the opportunities for students and professionals to develop an intellectual knowledge base with leadership skills to compete in the global arena. This objective is being addressed through a number of specialized and well-planned undergraduate and post-graduate education programmes and intensive research initiatives.

Objectives of the University are as follows

  • To create centers and institutions of excellence for imparting state of the art education, training and research in the fields of science, technology and management in general and in relation to the domains of oil, gas and energy in particular.
  • To create capabilities for development of knowledge, skills and competencies as a core academic goal
  • To create capabilities for upgrading the infrastructure to global standards for education, training and research in the areas related to energy, engineering, management and liberal studies.
  • To develop patterns of teaching and training at various levels of education accomplishment so as to set a high standard of education in energy, engineering, management and liberal studies.
  • To function as a leading resource center for knowledge management and entrepreneurship development in the areas of energy, engineering, management and liberal studies.
  • To provide inter-relationship for national and global participation in the field of energy, engineering, management and liberal studies.
  • To establish close linkages with industries to make teaching, training and research at the University relevant to the needs of the society at national and global levels.


PDPU since its inception has been a home to a diverse International population. The University has always welcomed International students and faculties by organizing various International conferences and seminars in the University Campus.

Fostering Multiculturalism across Campus 
The University has been initiating various International events one being under the name “One World” wherein twenty interns from 12 countries created a global village at the campus as they exhibited their cuisines, traditions, education practices and landmarks in unique presentation.

To embark itself on International board PDPU has always played an active role of a host in organizing various International exposure programs, workshops, seminars and lectures and it still continues to develop International research and teaching collaborations with various University worldwide in order to provide a platform to students and faculty at PDPU in best possible ways.


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