Benefits of studying in India for Nepalese students

Benefits of studying in India for Nepalese students

India, the land of diverse customs and culture, is one of the best Asian countries to pursue a college degree. It offers diverse course choice for students for foreign nations. The experience is highly satisfying and you get to see a whole new perspective on education here. The complete change in lifestyle may seem daunting at the beginning but is totally worth it. Students adapt well as time goes by and enjoy the experience that it brings. For Nepalese students, culture shock is not much as societies and people’s lifestyle in both countries is pretty much the same.

There are many benefits of studying in India. Few among them are elucidated below:

Quality education

The Indian education system is well ranked in the world and empowers the students. Apart from gaining knowledge, students become independent, responsible and on the whole better individuals. They acquire skills to solve real-world problems and make the world a better place. Indian education is known for imparting both theoretical and practical knowledge, thereby making students capable to tackle any challenges that come their way. Nepalese students can work either in India or can go back to their home country after completing their education. Indian colleges are also well ranked worldwide. Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) are within the top 50 best colleges in the world. IITs and National Institute of Technology (NITs) are frequently ranked in the top 20 best colleges in Asia.

Inexpensive Courses

Compared to other western countries, education in India is relatively cheaper and of the same high quality. Nepalese students have to spend lakhs of rupees every semester in countries like the US and Canada as they are not eligible for in-state tuition. On the other hand, Nepalese students have to pay a lot lesser than half this amount for education in India. Living and personal expenses are also quite cheap here so for the entire course; you end up saving a lot of rupees.

Financial Assistance

Nepalese students are eligible to several need-based and merit-based scholarships throughout the colleges in India. The Indian embassy in Nepal also provides several scholarships to encourage Nepalese to study in India.

Industry specific skills

Another benefit of studying in India is that you get industry-specific knowledge as a part of your curriculum. There are a few internships that students should complete to get practical exposure before graduation. Certain classes also have a laboratory component where the students have to learn skills like smoldering, fabrication, welding, and cell culture which they will actually use in the industry later.

Growing economy

India is one of the top countries with the highest growing GDP. With this, there has been a boost in various job sectors. Many foreign investors are also now coming to India to set up production units. India has acquired a spot in the global market and this has led to many new jobs in the market. Education from a country like this will benefit Nepalese students to learn skills like entrepreneurship and management.

High placements

With the fast-growing GDP, job opportunities are also booming. There are several companies (of all sizes, including MNCs) that come for recruitment in the penultimate year of college itself to recruit students. Salaries paid are also quite high so there is no doubt in assuming that education in India will not reap its results.

Customs and Visa

Studying in India is comparatively easier for Nepalese students than other countries as getting visa is easy. It is also quite straight forward and valid for your entire course of education.  The travel time is also less and there are no troubles like jet lag and all.

Studying in India will change your life for sure. It is a whole new experience and has its fair share of struggles, but will also evolve you into a stronger and a lot different person. It will open new roads in your career. It will also mould your personality for good. It imbibes in depth knowledge as well as prepares you for whatever it is that you want to do after college- research, job, set up your own company etc.


Benefits of studying in India for Nepalese students