How to Apply for Admission in India ?

How to Apply for Admission in India ?

1.Before the Admission Process, Counseling Session are taken to address the quarries clarification.

 2.Selection of Course , City and Institution.

Checklist for Admission in Indian Universities and Colleges :-

Mandatory Documents

1. Application Form

2. Secondary  Education Examination  (SEE) Certificate, Character Certificate

3. +2 Transcript/Migration / Provisional / Character / Transfer Certificate

4. Passport size photo(12copies)

5. Copy of Passport/ Citizenship

Eligibility Requirement

Physic, Chemistry and Math(PCM) Minimum 50% & above in aggregate  -  Engineering(B.E)

Physic, Chemistry and Biology(PCB) Minimum 50% & above in aggregate - Para-Medical/ Nursing/Pharmacy

Note: The Candidates should have completed 17 years of age, as on 31st December of the year of admission.


How to Apply for Admission in India ?